Zombies (also known as "Zeds" after the British pronunciation of "Z") are the main enemy faced during the Rebuild games.


Zed face from the main menu

Although the exact cause of the zombie crisis is unknown, it involves a contagious disease (believed by several survivors to be parasitic in nature). Symptoms include fatigue, slowness, loss of fine motor skills, and severe psychosis.

Differences between the gamesEdit

In both Rebuild and Rebuild 2, zombies are largely identical. The only difference being hordes.

In Rebuild, hordes consist of very heavily mutated zombies (caused by exposure to the evil portal in the big graveyard). They differ from normal zombies due to possessing great speed, strength, and an apparent intelligence. They are also described by survivors as "F***ing 8-foot tall giants".

In Rebuild 2, zombie horde attacks just consist of huge groups of normal zombies, relying of sheer force of numbers to overwhelm the fort defences.


In both games it is possible to develop a cure, however, special conditions must be met in Rebuild 2 in order to research it:

You must allow Dr. Bryukhonenko (the strange doctor) to occupy one of your laboratories.

You must allow him to take one of your scientists as a "Lab Assistant" (although presumably he may also use them as a test subject).