Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville Wiki

Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville is now in private alpha. To get access, pre-order the deluxe survivalist edition from the official website. Beta testing will start in 2014 and be available to anyone who pre-orders the base edition too.

Alpha Version 0.442 - Feb 4 2014

  • Fixed realtime freezing after injury bug
  • Fixed factions onto and trapping massed zombies bug
  • Fixed bug that made game nearly impossible to win
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Removed random success/failure from trading.
  • Added %Discount (or makup) and a haggle button you can use up to 3 times to try to get better discount.
  • Added negative effects to failed haggles.
  • Haggling and %Discount now affected by leadership level.

Alpha version 0.44 - Jan 31 2014

  • factions share the map with you (temp art)
  • trading with factions (temp art)
  • raiding and fighting with factions (unbalanced)
  • a few random faction events (some with temp text; more coming soon)
  • click on survivors in event picture to view their details
  • "where" button takes you to where an event took place (temp art)
  • almost all temp building art replaced
  • survivors return to their old mission if you don't assign a new one
  • allow changing large building types
  • wasd map control
  • allow multiple rivers on maps
  • fixed invisible new people
  • fixed backstory dialog when viewing new recruits
  • fixes to world and river/coast generation

Alpha version 0.43 - Dec 25 2013

  • new menu for creating & updating missions using a list of survivors (art in progress)
  • after a mission, survivors return to the closest fort square
  • survivor backstories (content in progress)
  • survivor perks (content in progress)
  • more building art
  • notice shows if somebody dies on a mission (text in progress)
  • Behind the Scene changes to map and dragging survivors

Alpha version 0.42 - Dec 3 2013

  • added zoom hotkeys (+ and -)
  • fixed zoom buttons so they don't send you to blackness
  • fixed bug that caused lag after day 100
  • fixed day display after day 100
  • stopped sending benign error reports about missing Destroyed textures
  • farms now produce food all year round
  • extra error checks for autosave issues should tell you if save not working
  • fixed bug where units look all messed up
  • fixed bug where zooming in on browser messed up building textures
  • stop opening the squareMenu whenever you start a mission

Alpha version 0.41 - Nov 29 2013

First alpha release featuring the base game. Factions, technology, perks, policies, the campaign mode and plotlines are marked in the game with "coming soon" banners. The game is fully playable, albeit a bit unbalanced, and you can win it.