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** Fixed arrow key scrolling with radial job menu open.
** Fixed arrow key scrolling with radial job menu open.
[[Category:Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville]]
[[Category:Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville]]
== Build (beta v0.63 and v0.631) - June 10th, 2014 ==
* new attack system for zombie and faction attacks
* new zombie type: zombie mob, they march at the fort and hit big when they arrive
* made it less likely for survivors to die during the first month
* now survivors can be injured from starvation as well as die
* changed how zombies spawn: now even on all buildings and more beside the fort
* crafting in workshop can now be done as a permanent post
* can now craft raw medicine in workshops for free once Medkits are researched
* show speech bubbles when survivors want to talk
* show two walls where two factions touch
* zombies can no longer spawn in buildings surrounded by fort or water
* reclaiming costs more: 2,3 or 4 materials depending on building size
* buildings must have zero zombies and be scouted before you can reclaim them
* decreased defense value of survivors by 1/3
* perks now awarded at level 3, 6 and 10
* made realtime timing more deterministic so zombies spawn exactly once per day etc
** fixed equipment counts on info menu (still temp art)
** fixed zombies and factions appearing on buildings you just cleared out (...again)
** fixed tooltips disappearing right away on bigger monitors
** fixed menu items displaying off the bottom of the screen in oldschool mission menu
** Fixed survivors eating way too much and factions running around like they own the place in realtime mode.
** Also took a significant stab at fixing memory leaks that cause the black screen / siren bug after you've been playing awhile.

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