A Trailer Park gives living space to fellow survivors and is equivalent to a Suburb in both parts. Trailer parks cannot be converted but only reclaimed.

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Rebuild 2 Edit

Just as a suburb, trailer parks are buildings that provide homes for three (or two on higher difficulties) of your fellow survivors to live in.

Despite its description, no fall from happiness or other disadvantages are known if you are forced to use it as an occupation."It's not pretty, but it's home. Up to 2 people can live here."

It houses just as many survivors as apartments or motels do, but you can only replace it with a farm.

Rebuild Edit

A trailer park is equivalent to a suburb, but houses less survivors than an apartment does. It can only be turned into a farm.

Living space
Easy Normal Hard Harder Nightmare
Trailer Park 9 8 7 6 6
Apartment 14 12 10 8 8

Description: "It's not pretty, but it's home. Up to [ ] people can live here."'

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