It says, "Redecorator: May automatically convert useless buildings," does anyone know what the mechanism is? I've assigned mine to change a park into housing, but it's going to take four days. I was assuming automatic meant right when I claimed it, or at most overnight. Does building normally come with a chance of failure?PuzzleMage (talk) 00:06, 27 May 2014 (UTC)

As for Redecorator, I once had a useless building converted to a lab. I didn't do anything to spark the event; it was random. Also, I'm not sure if this is a bug, but a new recruit of mine displayed what the game referred to as a Hidden Perk a while ago. Once he acquired a normal perk, the hidden one disappeared. The icon was a question mark and its name was "Hidden Perk: Gay" or something to that effect. It had no additional description. Should we add a category for hidden perks if we encounter anymore like this?--Goldengurl2011 (talk) 03:58, 25 April 2015 (UTC)

Leadder Bonus Perks and others stuff

Keep getting "these edits are nosensical" if anyone wants to update them

Leader Bonus Perks

After an event in Spokane and Nelson your leader can pick a bonus perk.

In Spokane, after completing the rescue quest line, you can pick from

  • Retiree
  • Hobo
  • Real Estate Developer (Deluxe)

In Nelson, after completing the Ice cream truck quest line, you can pick from

  • Construction worker
  • Shop Clerk
  • Programer (Deluxe)

Hoarder, redecorate, and driver are both fairly rare events, probably less than 10% or less chance Bookworm is also an event, not really sure how rare it is or how its calculated. Well bikes around 10% with a bicycle maybe its more with a car? Hoarder might be once a city event and that might explain the low amount. Overall I'm not impressed with any of those perks.

Cultist can overwrite devout, probably not skepticism but that's just a guess.

I've never seen the demolition perk, has it been removed?


End of Wenatchee.png
See file description (correction to description - school does burn down if you choose to rescue the children). Perks section from Wenatchee does not match. Granted, I allied St. Michael's (and then The Luddies) soon after decryption?