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soo anyone else have a probelm when they destoryed a faction it didnt die?

To the person above, no, I haven't had that problem, and here is not the place to ask about it. Also, in the future, please use the signature button (it's the pencil by the bold and italic buttons) so that it's easier to address you by name. By the way, the artwork displayed for the faction leaders isn't entirely accurate to the current version. Can anyone get clean images of the leaders to put up? --Goldengurl2011 (talk) 04:10, 25 April 2015 (UTC)

The Pig Farmer[]

It is known that these groups of farmers survive in a zombie apocalypse, it was far from the city and the spread of the disease is lower. The farmer Bucket, juntios with his grown children, lived happily on his farm before the final judgment, he specialized in buying pork sold to the highest bidder and the best deli meat intended for the city.

When I resorted disease that becomes zombie, civilization collapsed, there was no stocking suddenly zombie gradually invades city farm as a phenomenon Domino, he and his family and his neighbors live in the mountains facilitating their survival.

The pork is scarce carde a whip winter. A friend who resorted to repair the roof had a tragic accident that killed instantly. I do not know what to do in the body when he found it, it was cold at night and it occurred to eat parts of the limbs to satisfy hunger and Combart against death by hypothermia. It was morning and there was hardly anything in the body of his dead friend, bones.

He left the farm for food, some feel regrets that the act of eating the body, although it saved his life, was not what I expected. Bucket was necessary to survive. In the city he found a cold storage truck and found new survivors. But that obscesión meat could brought about out of control, so he made a pact: if it serves the survivor, they eat; if otherwise, it can be "something" useful.

The list was tepee been surviving for shelter, another steal to survive, in that case, found a way to fall. The truck camouflaged made ice cream seller to drop any survivors that vehicle will encounter, including looters.

The place is spacious, with a little help was already resolved half of the survivor becomes the "slaughter", rarely women are "cows" and half of men are "pigs". It says that group who survive must eat "meat" as known to use pigs or humans.

Frankie Bucket, the Farmer, aka "The Slop", no regrets anything to eat human flesh, tasted delicious as it used to do with pork, decided to sell some of these other survivor desired meat for months that the end of the world distinguish. Speaking of which, I must make greater efforts from my boss.

The guy Erik, feeder of the "pork".

--Soplon (talk) 21:16, 5 February 2016 (UTC)