Survivor Types are kinds of survivors you can train or use in activities. The higher level of the survivor in a certain skill the better he/she will be at it. The max level that any skill can go to is 10 and when a survivor reaches that level a message shall appear noticing the player of the achievement.

There are also items that survivors can be equipped with that grant them skill boosts as long as they hold them, however they will not increase any skill to higher than 10, so for example, a soldier who naturally has an offense of 10 shouldn't hold a gun as it doesn't give them any more offense.

All survivors can train any skill either by doing a task that requires the specific skill you want them to train them e.g. scavenging to boost scavenging skill) or training at a school. It would take longer to train a person who has no experience in that skill than too get a survivor who's already trained in it since they started with a higher skill, so it is more effective to train survivors in the skill(s) that they are already higher in.

Training Methods :

There are two kinds of them, the School and the Task

School Training - You will choose 3 survivors to train. It will take two days.

Task Training - Your character/survivor can be trained in different task for him/her


High Skill : Offense and Defense


Mark : Cross Hair

Description :

They are mostly needed after starting the game, as they are the only one capable of eliminating the opponents easier. They can defend and attack, which makes them like in full time job and very important. Soldiers (or Guards) defends your fort whenever someone attacks it like Zombie Hordes and The Last Judgement Gang. If their skill is perfected (10.0) a report will be shown that their potential and what their amazing skill is.

If they are equipped with offensive weapons a small additional amount of attack is added to its skill (Only if the Skill is below 9.0 ,as if it doesn't gain any bonus damage if it reaches 10.0)


High Skill : Leadership
Leader Female

Mark : Dark Blue Flag

Description :

Leaders are the rarest classes of survivors you can find with them already skilled with it. They are used to lead and recruit survivors. The higher their leader ship the higher the chance of recruiting the said survivor/s.

Note : Your main character is a leader


High Skill : Scavenging


Mark : Yellow Bag with a dollar sign and a gray can

Description :

Scavengers are also needed in your army. They have high potential in finding items such as weapons and food for your army. Without them it is a small chance to get high quality weapons and large amounts of food.


High Skill : Science

Mark : Chemistry Flask filled with Light Green liquid

Description :

Scientists are the most important survivor you must find. They are the most important because they can develop the cure against the zombie, cure to a zombie bite and also research about the zombie/virus' weaknesses. Though sometimes they are mysterious. They can also research technologies faster at the Laboratory. They mostly appear wearing Laboratory coats and Safety Goggles. They are also the keys to stop the invasion or infection of zombies.

Building Used : Laboratory


High Skill : Building


Mark : Hammer

Description :

Builders are ideal and useful because they can reclaim buildings in a fast time and upgrade or renovate buildings. Builders lower the number of days it takes to reclaim a building or renovate one. Also can help in research but not as much as scientists do. Their purpose is to build.


High skill:2 skills of 0,5 random



Civilians are

Trivia Edit

  • If your main character dies, you won't lose the game yet, but will lose some game score.
  • The most efficient way to higher their skills is to train them at the school.
  • It takes a total of 11 points for reclaiming a land in 1 day or 2 days for converting and fortifying owned buildings.
  • When you recruit survivors.You cant recruit civilians,only trained survivors.
  • In Rebuild 2, the Soldier-type survivors bear shoulder flashes similar to those of the U.S. National Guard service, despite that in Rebuild 2, the Default city name is typically a Canadian city.