The people in your fort are called survivors. Survivors exist to accomplish various missions, which serve to acquire resources for your fort, make it safer, or otherwise increase your fort's chances of continued existence. Survivors not assigned to a specific mission remain inside the fort on Guard Duty, keeping other survivors safe from marauding zombies.

Unless altered with a perk, each survivor needs a house to live in, and, unless altered by a perk or policies, will consume 1 unit of food per day. Every survivor is rated in five different skills, has a happiness level from 0-100, can equip one weapon and one item, and can have various perks.

New survivors can be acquired through recruiting missions, and sometimes they'll appear on their own via random events, which occurrence can be increased or decreased based on research and policy.

Some survivors may carry a child with them, which function as a handicap for characters that have them "equipped". Children function as a non-weapon item that decreases all stats but boosts happiness. Children consume half a unit of food every day. Unless the fort policy "Children must go to school" is in effect, each child must be equipped by a survivor or else the game will automatically assign a survivor to equip the child. Each child has a mouseover tooltip that shows their age, and children that are 13 years old have a chance to "grow up" at 14 and be converted from a non-weapon item to a full-fledged survivor that needs housing and can be sent on missions.

Training Methods:

There are two ways to train your survivors; You can send them to school, or on missions requiring the skill that you want your survivors to learn.

School Training - You will choose 4 survivors to train. Training finished when your survivor has reached the max level (10)

Task Training - Your character/survivor can be trained in different task for him/h


High Skills: Offense and Defense

Mark: Red Mark


Screenshot 4-0

Of course, they are mostly needed after starting the game, as they are the only one capable of eliminating the opponents easier. They can defend and attack, which makes them like in full time job and very important. Soldiers (or Guards) defends your fort whenever someone attacks it like Zombie Horde attacks and The Last Judgement Gang. If their skill is perfected (10.0) a report will be shown that their potential and what their amazing skill is.

If they are equipped with offensive weapons a small additional amount of attack is added to its skill


High Skills: Recruiting and Leadership

Mark: Blue Mark


Leaders are the second mostly needed on the start of the game. If the leader are in high level, then the leader can select the event that are need high level leader. And the leader can be used to recruiting survivor/s. The higher their leader ship the higher the chance of recruiting the said survivor/s.

Scavengers Edit

High Skill: Scavenging

Screenshot 2

Mark: Yellow Mark


Scavengers are also needed in your army. They have high potential in inding items such as weapons, food, and materials for your army. Without them it is a small chance to get high quality weapons, large amounts of food and materials.

Scientists Edit

High Skill: Researching

Mark: Purple Mark


Scientists are the most important survivor you must find. They are the most important because they can develop the cure against the zombie, cure to a zombie bite and also research about the zombie/virus' weaknesses. They can also research technologies faster at the Laboratory. They are also the keys to stop the invasion or infection of zombies. Also, they can develop the town more better / defensive.

Builders Edit

High Skill: Reclaiming a Building

Mark: Green Mark

Screenshot 3-0


Builders are ideal and useful because they can reclaim buildings in a fast time and upgrade or renovate buildings. Builders lower the number of days it takes to reclaim a building or renovate one. They can also build a tower when the builder are in the high level.

Trivia Edit

  • Your main character can't die from any mission.
  • The most efficient way to higher their skills is to train them at the school.