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Starting a Game

When starting a new game, you'll first choose the name, appearance and starting perks/equipment of a survivor that will represent your new settlement's leader.

After that, you'll be able to choose several parameters for generating your new city. The default options are more than fine for your first game or two, so when you're ready, hit the Start tab and you're off!

You start the game with a small settlement consisting of…

  • Your starting survivor, plus 3 others (a Builder, a Scavenger and a Soldier)
  • Five city blocks of reclaimed territory: a Police Station, a Farm, housing for two additional survivors, and a useless building (like an Office)
  • A handful of resources, the exact amount of which is determined by your game’s difficulty


The game has five main resources, but the two that will be most important to you starting out are Food and Materials. Food can be obtained in a variety of ways and is required to keep your survivors from starving to death. Materials are necessary for reclaiming additional city blocks to extend your fort.

In order to obtain the resources to support your settlement, you will have to assign your survivors to various missions.


The game has a variety of different mission types, but some of the key ones include…

  • Scouting to see the contents of a city block and make future missions there safer
  • Scavenging to obtain Food, Materials and other goodies from buildings
  • Recruiting survivors to join your settlement
  • Killing zombies to make missions safer and also to allow your survivors to start...
  • Reclaiming city blocks to add their buildings to your fort

Carrying out a mission has an inherent risk to the survivors involved, symbolized by a colored danger symbol on their portrait. As a good rule of thumb, you should try to only send your survivors on missions that have a green danger symbol: yellow, orange or red symbols indicate a very high chance that your survivor could be injured or killed in the line of duty! You can make missions safer by sending higher skilled survivors on them, sending multiple survivors to do them together, or by killing zombies in that area.

The First 100 Days

A few useful tips when starting out…

  • Get to a point where you can reliably feed your survivors. You can scavenge to make up the difference at first, but try to quickly reclaim and build enough farms that you are not at risk for starvation.
  • Once you can feed yourself, slowly start to recruit survivors as you can support them.
  • While rushing to reclaim farms, try to reclaim both a School and a Laboratory. If you’re lucky, you may have a Scientist survivor ready to go by the time you find and fortify a Lab. If not, use the School to change your least-used survivor into a Scientist and set them to work researching tech!


Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville will eventually have numerous victory conditions, but for the purposes of the beta, if you reclaim enough of the city to be given the option to construct a City Hall, and then successfully build one, give yourself a pat on the back: you’re a winner in our book!