Skill represents what a character is good at and determine what their role is in the world of Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville. They are leader, combatant, scavenger, builder and engineer/scientist. Each survivor has 5 skills that increase with use. The max levels for skill is 10, though it can be raised past this value using Equipment and perks. Most survivors (except the player's custom character) can only improve 1 skill.


Character's leadership and charisma. This skill affects:

  • Chance of successfully recruiting new survivors.
  • Better dialogue options with merchants and gang leaders
  • Amount of happiness when the character is working in bars or churches


Character's combat skills. It affects:

  • Overall mission danger level.
  • Chance to successfully killing zombies, raid or attack other factions.
  • Adds to the building's defense rating when the character is guarding buildings.


Character's knack for finding useful things. It affects scavenging speed during scavenging mission. It is unknown if it affects chance to find random items as well.


Affects building speed. Characters with higher skill speed up reclaiming, building and upgrading missions.


Character's knowledge of various scientific discipline. This skill affects research speed, also, engineers are faster at crafting items.

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