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Each survivor is assigned one main skill, akin to a character class. This skill can be improved through experience or training. The main player is an exception, as they can level up all five of their skills.

A skill can be levelled up to a maximum of 10, and it can be raised above that using equipment and perks.

A survivor's non-main skills can't be levelled up (unless they change their main skill first in schools), but they can be improved using equipment and perks. Non-main skills function normally in missions.

In addition to the benefits in mission, higher skill level generally gives better dialogue options in events, especially with leadership.

Leading[edit | edit source]

Character's leadership and charisma. This skill affects:

  • Chance of successfully recruiting new survivors (In the form of better dialogue options)
  • Better dialogue options with merchants and gang leaders
  • Better dialogue options in many events.
  • Amount of happiness increase when the character is working in bars or churches

Defense (Soldier)[edit | edit source]

This is a bit of a misnomer, as it affects both attacking and defending. The effects are:

  • Overall mission danger level reduction.
  • Chance and efficiency to successfully kill zombies, raid or attack other factions.
  • Adds to the building's defense rating when the character is guarding buildings.

Scavenging[edit | edit source]

Character's knack for finding useful things. This skill affects:

  • Finds more stuff, faster and safer in scavenging mission
  • Produces more food when farming, hunting, or fishing

Building[edit | edit source]

Character's skill in building. The effects are:

  • Builds, reclaims, and demolish faster (the effect is non-continuous)
  • Find more material when chopping wood

Engineering[edit | edit source]

Character's knowledge of various scientific disciplines. This skill affects:

  • The speed at which research is completed
  • The speed at which items are produced in a workshop
  • The speed at which electricity and running water is fixed.