Notes appeared every day even if there are no events and this is what contains events. They can be good or bad and you might need to decide whether or not you want to do something. These results may cost food or can even result in lethal results that could kill one of your survivors.

Warning spoilers alert
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Notes showing a mission as a success.

Events to look out for:

  • Suspicious survivor: Every time you reclaim the helicopter, it explodes no matter what, and along with its comes an event when a survivor acts suspiciously. This one really did the sabotage, he is one out of 4 potential saboteurs in the late game. The others are ... Dr Bryukhonenko if you refuse to let him in, The Last Judgements if they are still alive and if you have rescued Northway and the writer of "Zombies are people too" if he may not have opened his cult.
  • The love caravan: This event will give you +10 happiness for 15 food. (Warning: sometimes when swearing is on, the answers can get nasty.)

Some events are:

  • The love caravan
  • Actions completing
  • Hordes
  • Survivors deaths
  • Etc.