Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville Wiki

Send a survivor to check out a building and report back on the amount of food, resources, zombies, and whether there are any other survivors hiding out there. Once a building has been scouted it will stay so, and you'll see any changes to the number of zombies/etc. Scouting missions are not dangerous and anyone can do them. Scouting can't be done when massed zombies, roaming zombies or zombie mobs(enemy faction units?) are present. Scouting a faction's territory can reveal where its headquarter is.

Scouting also reduces the danger of any further missions on this building.

Note that if your scavengers/soldiers are skilled enough, they can be sent to safely scavenge a building/kill zombies without the need of scouting first, thus saving considerable manpower. Reclaiming(including fearless reclaimers), however, cannot happen on a unscouted building. (even if there is no zombie)


  • Time: 1 day
  • Danger: None
  • Benefits from: Improved Scouting tech or named binoculars. This enables the scouting of the adjacent tiles at the same time. For example, four adjacent tiles will be scouted at the same time for standard one-tiled buildings and up to eight adjacent buildings can be scouted at the came time if you are scouting a huge farm or mega mall.) (The improved scouting tech stacks with the see furtherperk to enable scouting of both adjacent and diagonal buildings.(scouting 9 blocks in total for one-tiled buildings.)(tested)


  • Reveals the amount of zombies, resources, and survivors in the city grid.
  • Reduce the danger levels on subsequent mission.
  • Once the grid has been scouted, the player will always know when its status changed later.