The scavenging amount is a survivor's ability first applied in Rebuild 2. It is obtained by every survivor, it shows how suitable he is for scavenging missions. The amount is shown at the survivor's picture, on the right beside of the picture below.

At the beginning it is the major skill for scavengers, but skill improvements and the maximum amount of 10.0 can be reached equally well by any survivor, regardless which survivor type he is.

Scavengers will benefit from the researches of "preservation" and "stealth" at the laboratory.

Advantages Edit

A higher value has got three different advantages :

It improves the amount of food which a single survivor carries out of an appropriate scavenging mission.

It raises the chance for finding a weapon or tool during a scavenging mission.

It raises the aptitude for defending the base or fighting against zombies. Scavenging can be included to about 50 percent to the offense skill. If the offense skill is already at 10, scavenging won't make no further profits.

Improve of the basic value Edit

  • School: +1,5 in 2 days for from 1 to 3 participants. 
  • Scavenging for supplies or scraps: +0,5 per participant. Lasts one day.
  • Tending crops: +0.1 per day

Scouting takes no risks, but won't improve scavenging either. A high amount of scavenging won't benefit the committed farmers.

Improvement by item Edit

The maximum amount of 10.0 cannot be crossed by obtaining items. So an appropriate item turns useless for a high skilled scavenger.

Item Increase other Gustav
Backpack 2,0 - 10 food
Crowbar 1,5 0,5 Attack 10 food
Pair of Binoculars 1,0 - 10 food
Dog (small one) 0.5 scavenging and attack no
Kitten 0,5 to all but attack no