Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville Wiki
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The technology in Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville at the early beta stage is still a work in progress, but already much more complex than the previous games. Rather than the three-path linear research, there are branches and instances where some require multiple prerequisites and a few are repeatable, making the labs and the engineers far more useful than the previous games.

Tier 1:

  • Zombie Vitals — This makes your survivors "10% more efficient in killing zombies".
    Prerequisite(s): None
  • Survivor Management — Allows you to see Survivor's happiness, relationships, and to talk to some survivors through events, allowing them to gain some perks.
    Prerequisite(s): None

Tier 2:

  • Basic Traps — Allows the building of zombie traps at workshops, which slowly kills all the zombies in one building.
    Prerequisite(s): Zombie Vitals
  • Zombie Avoidance — Decreases mission distance related danger by 25%.
    Prerequisite(s): Zombie Vitals
  • Watch Towers — Allows the upgrading of held buildings to have Watch Towers, boosting defenses by 5, and surrounding held buildings by 2.5. NOTE: Unlike Rebuild Mobile, this does not replace the building with a tower, it is only an upgrade.
    Prerequisite(s): Construction
  • Generator Power — Increases workshop item crafting by 10%.
    Prerequisite(s): Construction
  • Signposts — Causes random events where survivors will ask to join your fort (frequency of occurrence needed).
    Prerequisite(s): Fort Policies
  • Improved Teaching — Increases skill gains from training at Schools by 25%.
    Prerequisite(s): Fort Policies

Tier 3:

  • Disease Vectors — Reduces likelihood of events resulting in survivors becoming infected (quantity/ percentage needed). Results in chance of survivors avoiding or taking precautions against activities that risk infection.
    Prerequisite(s): Zombie Avoidance
  • Anti-Zombie Armor — Increases defense aginst zombies by 25%.
    Prerequisite(s): Zombie Avoidance
  • Bunker Towers — Allows a second option for upgrading buildings alongside the original Watch Tower option, and provides even better defense, boosting defenses by 10, and surrounding held buildings by 5. NOTE: This research does not automatically upgrade the existing Watch Towers, despite what the finished research message says. There is no decrease in required resources for building a better tower over another one.
    Prerequisite(s): Watch Towers
  • Fertilizer — Increases farm food output by 25%: Farm (one space) increased from 2 to 2.5, Pig Farm and Big Farm (two spaces) increased from 3 to 3.8, Huge Farm (four spaces) increased form 6 to 7.5.
    Prerequisite(s): Generator Power
  • Paramedic Training — Events or actions that would have resulted in death result in injury 10% of the time.
    Prerequisite(s): Improved Teaching
  • Improved Scouting — Reveals further when scouting (effect appears to not yet take effect).
    Prerequisite(s): Improved Teaching

Tier 4:

  • Zombie Attractors (Bait) — Allows the building of zombie attractors at workshops, which "lures zombies in from nearby buildings over time".
    Prerequisite(s): Basic Traps
  • Improved Walls — Visually changes the walls to look sturdier, adds 2 base defense to all held buildings.
    Prerequisite(s): Bunker Towers
  • Irrigation — 'Prevents drought"; Farm Blights events no longer occur.
    Prerequisite(s): Fertilizer
  • Searchlights — Increases frequency of survivors asking to join you (frequency of occurrence needed).
    Prerequisite(s): Generator Power & Signposts
  • Medkits — Allows crafting of Medkits at workshops.
    Prerequisite(s): Paramedic Training

Tier 5:

  • Advanced Traps — Improves all current and future Zombie Traps to increase efficiency by killing zombies even faster. NOTE: The change is not apparent until it is placed in a building.
    Prerequisite(s): Zombie Attractors & Disease Vectors
  • Fort Silence — Decreases noise and light pollution coming out of the fort, decreasing zombies at the walls by 25%.
    Prerequisite(s): Anti-Zombie Armor
  • Avanced Construction — Increases speed when building and fortifying by 25%.
    Prerequisite(s): Bunker Towers
  • Fireworks — Allows the crafting of Fireworks at workshops, which boosts happiness by 20% in survivors that saw the fireworks (which survivors is unknown and may be random) while distracting zombies (effect and area of effect unknown, needs confirmation)
    Prerequisite(s): Searchlights
  • Doctor Training — Adds an additional 10% saving chance to Paramedic Training.
    Prerequisite(s): Paramedic Training
  • Spotting Spies — Identifies spy activities from other factions that target your fort.
    Prerequisite(s): Improved Scouting

Tier 6 :

  • Turret Towers — Allows a third option for upgrading buildings alongside the previous tower options, and provides the best defense, boosting defenses by 15, and surrounding held buildings by 7.5.
    Prerequisite(s): Advanced Construction
  • Electrified Walls — Visually changes the walls to concrete barriers topped with electric lines, adds 1 base defense to all held buildings.
    Prerequisite(s): Improved Walls & Generator Power
  • Pesticides — Increases each active farmers output by 1 and prevents pest related farm events.
    Prerequisite(s): Irrigation
  • Pre-Emptive Strikes — Makes it easier for your survivor to attack mobs/attackers from other factions.
    Prerequisite(s): Spotting Spies
  • Antivenom (Removed early in Beta) — Provides a guaranteed cure for any survivors that get bit.
    Prerequisite(s): Disease Vectors

Tier 7:

  • Improved Defenses — Increases defense by 1% per level.
    Prerequisite(s): Fort Silence & Turret Towers
  • Improved Farms — Increases total food production by 1% per level.
    Prerequisite(s): Electrified Walls & Pesticides
  • Increased Skills — Increases gains in survivor skills by 1% per level.
    Prerequisite(s): Fireworks & Doctor Training