Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville Wiki

Reclaiming is one of the mission types in Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville. It can be done on a zombie-free unclaimed grids right next to a player-owned one.


  • Time: varied (1-8? see table below)
time of reclaiming
sum of builder lvl one-tiled building two-tiled four-tiled
1 5
? 4
? 3
10 2
15 1 2? 3?
  • Material: varied (2-5)
  • Danger: None
  • Benefits from:
    • Total Building skill (faster): Listed as the table above, the number of days required to reclaim a building is always an integer. And it reaches maximum speed when total skill level exceeds 15. For example, if you have a level 10 builder trained to level 14, too bad, it does absolutely nothing and said builder still takes 2 days to reclaim a one-tiled building. What you should do pair this guy with a builder of at least level one (or give him/her a better tool) so that total skill level exceeds 15.
    • The fearless reclaim perk: can reclaim a building that has zombies in it.(still need to be scouted, is blocked by massed(mob/roamer) zombies, suffer the danger)


  • Add the grid to the player's fort.
  • Improve Building skills.


  • If the player reclaims a building that still has resources on it, they won't be automatically collected and still need to be scavenged. If the player reclaims a building that has survivors, they don't join the fort, but simply disappear.
  • A building can only be reclaimed after it's been both cleared of zombies and scouted (in the case of churches and zombie traps).
  • Usually zombies won't spawn in a building that is being reclaimed. However, if a zombie attractor is presence, it is likely that zombies will be drawn in while reclaiming, thus cancelling the mission. Substituting the attractor with a zombie trap can solve this problem. Or killing all the zombies adjacent to it will also do.