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General tips Edit

Just finished the game on 12x12 nightmare, a couple of hints:

  • If you leave plain survivors on guard duty, they will eventually become soldiers.
  • Your happiness and food are bound to reach zero no matter what you do, so they should be deprioritized your first few turns. (Avoid starvation for the most part, but don't avoid recruiting just because it will give you a negative food income.)
  • When you reclaim an area that has food, you will automatically scavenge half of that food (You won't scavenge all of it, but enough that it might keep you from starving.)
  • As morale will be at the base bottom most of the game, getting bars and churches is a good idea.
  • Lastly, aim for reaching the edge of the map quickly, as this decreases your contact surface with zombies.

Posted by: pacifist | January 20, 2011 9:13 AM

Detailed hints for harder and nightmare Edit

A few notes for harder difficulties

a) Scout early and fast.

b) Keep a low number of survivors so you don't need to feed so many. Keep your number of squares low and limited to what you need.

c) Aggressively clean out the areas.

d) Take risks. A lot. A single man 35% danger rate means 1/3 he's gonna die. it also means that 2/3 of the time he succeeds. It's a pretty good chance he will die, but as leader its for the greater good if he manages to clear the square everyone will be better off, but if he fails, you will have one less survivor that's all. 

e) Early in the game be careful with your leaders. Later on, all you need are soldiers.

f) Research especially the food and zombie ones early on. The food ones increase the limit 50 per as well as remove the bad events related to the research (food going bad, crops fail); zombie killing ones make your soldiers more effective at killing zombies (with the last few you can have 0 risk with 5 soldiers typically) but early game its well worth it to send in soldiers solo into areas that are up to 25% risk. Once you get electricity, you get a little more happiness (and random events about lack of it disappear) once you get radio randomly every x turns survivors will come. 

g) Happiness: keep people happy as long as you can. Surprisingly, if you run out of food they will be unhappy. random event people usually lone gunmen will come by your place and if its too unhappy they wont join and well... its kinda important to have free extra soldiers. 

h) Keep your people BUSY. First thing you should do especially on higher difficulties is REMOVE your defenders because they are active units eating your food and until there are zombie hordes at your door you shouldn't need them.(refer to d). Early game is about capturing as much useful land as you can hold, scouting and emptying out the area of survivors to use in these risky missions. 

i) Change your play style as you advance. especially with the zombie killing technologies, your soldiers are very very useful. early on you use them to clean out areas that have high risk solo, but as you run lower on survivors to recruit, send them out in larger groups (and hopefully you will have the techs to make it less risky). by maintaining a good sized soldier force, you can consistently clean out x tiles surrounding your fort which is really all you need to win.

j) Find your win condition! Your best chances are finding the city hall, training how ever many leaders you need to draft the constitution to grab your win condition. Empty out the graveyard/city hall FAST by sending in groups as large as you can afford (as in if you have 25 soldiers, you can reserve say 10 for cleaning squares around your fort, then send the 15 left to clean out the city hall as they will kill A LOT more zombies reducing the number of sends you will need) for the victory location conditions clean them out hard and fast (It's better to spend 1 kill mission with 15 soldiers than to send 3 kill missions with 5.)

Posted by: xenapan | January 20, 2011 12:52 AM

To get a high final score Edit

Here are some tips for getting REALLY high final scores.

  1. Even though a certain amount of soldiers can give 0% chance of failure, they can still only kill a certain amount of zombies. For example, if 5 soldiers can kill a max of 15 zombies, and going together they will have a 0% chance of not coming back. Early on in the game, it would be fine to just send those 5 soldiers. But, if you do that later on in the game, it would take around 16 days to kill every zombie in a block containing 120 zombies (assuming more zombies don't arrive on the block within those 16 days). Don't understand? Okay, so let's go back to where I said 5 soldiers could only kill 15 zombies. Just sending the least amount of soldiers needed to complete a mission with no chance of not coming back isn't necessarily a good thing, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing either. Regulating the amount of soldiers you send to a eliminate all the zombies inside is important to your survival. So send as many soldiers necessary to kill every zombie in a building in 2 days only if you need that certain building ASAP. But if you only need to expand you can divide the amount of soldiers to send.
  2. YOU ONLY NEED 1 HOSPITAL TO TAKE CARE OF ANY ILLNESS. This is very important as well. So if you have any extra hospitals you don't need turn them into churches. But I suggest having an extra hospital or two in case the initial one gets overrun in a zombie attack. I ESPECIALLY recommend doing this in the beginning of the game. This will also work with laboratories.
  3. HAVE YOUR BASE HAPPINESS OVER 100. This will add tons of points to your final score. Turning unneeded hospitals and labs into churches and bars will help in doing this.
  4. KEEP YOUR INITIAL LEADER ALIVE. Again, this will add points to your final score. Whenever you send him/her on a mission, make sure there is 0% chance of anyone not coming back. Also, have your security as high as possible in the beginning of the game. This will lower the chance that your leader will be killed early in the game. NOTE: there is still a chance that your leader will be killed in a failed defense even if you have hundreds of survivors, so keep that in mind.
  5. TAKE YOUR TIME. Do NOT cure zombieism early in the game. Do NOT expand too quickly. Do NOT settle down until you have 1. A SECURE hospital. 2. A defense that can take on 1500 zombies with 0% chance of the zombies breaking in. 3. A SECURE laboratory. 4. A good food income. 5. A good amount of zombies outside the fence (so you can keep on killing them). Do NOT settle down if you cured zombieism. Do NOT end your game unless you have completed all 4 "endings" (THIS ONE IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT).
  6. PLAY THE GAME ON A DIFFICULTY HIGHER THAN EASY. You want at least 100% of the points you earned. DO NOT DO IT ON "NIGHTMARE" (unless you are skilled enough).
  7. HAVE AT LEAST ONE LABORATORY AND 5 SCIENTISTS AT ALL TIMES. You can do whatever you want with the other labs or scientists, but keep these secure. ... and finally ....
  8. RESEARCH ALMOST EVERYTHING ASAP. If you want to survive, this is one of the best things that will help you do so. Keep tip 2) and 7) in mind.

Posted by: LazaManta | February 13, 2011 6:32 PM

Link Edit

These tips are available at