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Beating impossible difficultyEdit

  • The easiest advantage is first completing the game on an easier difficulty and taking your five most skilled people well equiped to the "impossible city". Or just send some of them to school until you're satisfied with their skills.
  • A small map size will make it less difficult cause expanding your area into a corner helps to keep down the perimeter of danger from surrounding zombies.
  • Getting a hospital is necessary. Getting a lab quickly is a good idea as the food researches help you from needing to have committed farmers.
  • If you own them, your main concern should be food. So you should head out eastwards to scavenge/reclaim farms and suburbs in the area.
  • To send untrained survivors on scouting missions will get you an advantage. It will make scavenging easier and you can determine in which direction to reclaim the blocks, since they all have to be adjacent to each other.
  • High risks can pay better than playing it safe. A good number to shoot for is general danger for no more than about 20%. If you are trying to scavenge for equipment, that should be at least 50%, if you can.
  • Happiness will become an issue. Progressive scavenging often helps out. Reclaiming Bars (and Churches) as well. Gustav's love caravan also comes in handy if you can spare the food. Be sure to have leaders above skill level 6.0 for bartending if necessary. (*1)
  • Better leave the big graveyard alone. Especially if the church of the chosen ones have already established themselves somehow. As on any other objective location, the undead from this square won't attack your fort anyway.

The ending you choose depends on your city layout/situation.

- The constitution ending is the most straightforward with the least amount of randomness. Check out the western borders to find the city hall.

- If you can find the heliport early, that could be your route.

- Same with the Last Judgement ending, which is usually taken after reclaiming the subway.

- The cure ending takes the most time and effort, so that is least likely. Though if you're trying for all four "good endings" in one game, it'll probably be your last one achieved.

It's certainly doable, but it's called "impossible difficulty" for a reason! So good luck!! :o)

Those tips are based on a walkthrough at


*1 - The church of the chosen ones are effective as well. They may be taken as an option if it gets improbable to raise the general happiness to at least 50 someday, but check this page before you do so.