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* [[Factions]]
* [[Factions]]
* [[Trading]]
* [[Trading]]
* [[Research]]

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Sim City meets The Walking Dead. Rebuild civilization one building at a time in this strategy game for Win, Mac, iOS, & Android. Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville will be the first PC downloadable game in Sarah Northway's Rebuild series, released on Steam for Windows and Mac. To give an idea of scale, Sarah's already spent more hours working on it than Rebuild 1 and 2 combined, and it's only half done. She's hired two artists and a writer this time and they're working to make Gangs of Deadsville the most engaging, deep, and fun game possible.

The game is now in private Alpha testing, following October 2013's successful Kickstarter campaign. To get in on the alpha test, pre-order the deluxe survivalist edition from Private beta will start in 2014 for Kickstarter backers and regular pre-order sales.

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