Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville Wiki

Roadmap[ | ]

Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville isn't done just yet! Here's a list of some of the stuff that will be added now that the game's been released on Steam Early Access.

  • Campaign Mode, a progressive journey through a dozen cities of increasing size and difficulty
  • Hundreds of new random events
  • Longer multi-event plotlines for each faction
  • Interactive zombie and faction attacks
  • New zombie types and smarter, more dangerous faction raiders
  • Survivor relationships & children
  • Hundreds of new survivor faces and mix & match outfits
  • Equipment that actually looks like what it says it is, along with a bunch more art
  • A proper ending to the game, and some other secret ways to win
  • Balancing and tweaking of every aspect of the game based on player feedback... including making Impossible actually impossible (or at least harder)

Status Updates[ | ]

The best place to find all the most up-to-date Rebuild information is the official Rebuild forums, but here's a little history lesson of what we went through to get to where we are now.

  • November 2012: Started collecting ideas for the new game.
  • February 2013: Finished first design pass and started programming.
  • April 2013: Hired Adam Meyer as an artist. Half of the game's base framework in place.
  • May 2013: Started adding content (techs, events, factions, plots).
  • September 2013: Added part time illustrator Sara Gross and writer Stephen Gray to the team.
  • October 2013: Kickstarter campaign raised $40k. Soundtrack announced.
  • November 2013: The game is now half finished, private alpha started.
  • May 2014: A beta version of the game is released on Steam Early Access!