Police Station were the main head quarters of cops, due to being overwhelmed by zombies and loss of cops during the zombie apocalypse it was abandoned and left. It adds some defense and gives you the opportunity to nominate guard duties in defending the fort.

Rebuild 2 Edit


Rebuild 2

Every station permanently adds 15 defense to your base, which means that it neutralizes the outgoing danger from 15 surrounding zombies. Compared to the first part this defensive-worth is not half as high, because of its lower defensive-strength and the higher amount of surrounding zombies during later game.

All kinds of weapons are found most of the times while scavenging in a police station, other items like cowboy hats or dogs as well.

You can assign people for guard duty, but this option has turned useless. Idle survivors left at your fort without any task will defend it, as if he were on guard duty. Due to curvatures in calculation the assignment can make a difference of 1 percent danger, though.

Survivors will only learn the Offense skill by defending when an actual attack happens, not simply by being on guard duty.

  • A scripted event will appear after cleaning out a police station. You may choose to organize zombie cage fights or not. Allowing it gives +10 to happiness and a closer contact to the Riffs. But it's supposed to slow down the cure research.

Note: There's a bug in earlier versions - if you clean out different police stations at the same time, you'll have this happiness-boost multiple times.

Rebuild 1 Edit

Police station-0


Every station permanently adds 25 defense to your base,.which means that it neutralizes the outgoing danger from 25 surrounding zombies.

You have to assign survivors for guard duty. This mission lasts until you cancel it. A Soldier on guard duty adds 15 defense, any other survivor adds 5 defense. An untrained survivor may turn into a soldier while being on guard duty.

Secondly, the guard assignment protects from being attacked by the last judgement gang. Because they can't be defeated in the first part, it is needed to have some guards even after conquering the whole map.

Replacements Edit

In both parts, Police Stations CANNOT be built or turned into any other building.

Building Description Edit

- "Police stations add 25 defense to the fort, and are where soldiers do guard duty." (Rebuild)

- "Police stations add 15 defense to the fort, and are where soldiers do guard duty." (Rebuild 2)

Appearance Edit

In the first part, the Police Station's appearance is a small, blue building without flags, a large open gateway, an orange pathway leading into the station, unused police vehicles and a large, white sign that says POLICE in the middle of the building.

As seen in the pictures, the police station has enlarged a bit in the second part, the path has changed its color and flags have been added.

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