Sarah Northway, the game creator, gives herself a cameo in Rebuild 2 as a defector from the Last Judgement Gang.
Sarah 2011

Sarah 2011


How to get herEdit

  1. Get a Laboratory
  2. Research signalling and radio early (before attacking the Last Judgements).
  3. Scout a subway station
  4. A scripted event will appear where she sends distress signals. After that, no matter if you have agreed to begin straight away with a rescue mission or not, you can send anytime some survivors from police stations or fortified buildings to get her out.

Rescue the gang defector - specific features Edit

  • She doesn't have to be rescued straight away. It's even possible to help her after the gang itself has already been defeated.
  • You can get multiple copies of this survivor. If you start the mission "Rescue the gang defector" multiple times during the same turn, one copy of Northway joins your group per successful mission completed.


  • Freeing her brings an advantage and a disadvantage with itself:

- She helps to locate the hiding place of the Last Judgement Gang in the tunnels. 

- One out of 4 potential saboteurs is active since she's been rescued. So you should be prepared to lose some squares until the Gang has been defeated, especially if she could team up with the disdained zombie loving writer or somebody else.

  • If you help to escape her early enough, another female gang defector who passes your fort will recognize her, and you won't need an additional 3 food to hear her story.
  • It is possible that the name "Northway" will be randomly generated for a survivor but this coincidence doesn't mean that it stands in any connection with the rescuing mission.