Reclaimed Motel

A Motel gives living space to three people and is equivalent to an Apartment in Rebuild 2, while it still has to be converted in the first part.

Rebuild 2 Edit

Just as an apartment, motels are buildings that provide homes for three (or two on higher difficulties) of your fellow survivors to live in.

Despite its description, no fall from happiness or other disadvantages are known if you are forced to use it as an occupation."The beds are filthy but it's better than nothing. Up to 2 people can live here."

Survivors can often be found here, but it's rather an exception if there is food or some items left to scavenge.

You can replace it into a church, hospital, school or laboratory. No buildings can be turned into motels.

Rebuild Edit

A motel is a convertible building. You can replace it into an apartment or a school. Both rebuilding measures take equally long.

Description: "Not good for much, but with a little work we could turn this motel into apartments for people to live in."

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