Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville Wiki
Radial Mission menu

The radial mission menu, accessed by dragging and dropping survivor portraits onto an area.

Missions are useful in-game actions performed by your survivors. Every survivor is on a mission at all times. The default mission is Guard Duty, which they'll automatically return to after completing any other assigned mission. Missions are used to scavenge for supplies, kill zombies, reclaim buildings, interact with factions, hunt, as well as do other useful things outside the fort's walls. Survivors can also be assigned to missions inside the fort, such as farming and research.

Survivors can be assigned to missions in one of two ways:

  • By dragging and dropping a survivor's portrait onto the desired mission area. This will bring up a radial menu with all the missions available for that survivor at that location.
  • By clicking directly on the building or area in which the mission is to be performed. From here, selecting the "Start Mission" tab will allow you to select the desired type of mission, as well as the survivor(s) to assign to it. (This function is more useful on large maps where you wouldn't want to drag a survivor across the damned big city.)

Mission Types[ | ]

Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville has a large variety of missions available for survivors to accomplish. The availability of these missions depends on the survivor's location: areas outside the fort have different missions from those inside the fort, for example. The presence of resources, zombies, or other factions will also affect the range of missions in an area.

Inside the Fort[ | ]

  • Guard Duty — The default mission. The survivor will guard the fort walls, reducing the risk of injury or territory loss from a zombie attack.
  • Build — The survivor will replace or destroy the building in the selected area. Costs materials to build and gains material to destroy.
  • Upgrade — The survivor will improve the defenses of the selected building. Costs materials and requires research.

Outside the Fort[ | ]

  • Scouting — The survivor scouts the area, revealing the surrounding geography and providing information on any survivors, resources, and/or zombies present. Researching improved scouting will increase the area where fog of war is dispersed.

The time it takes to scout does not depend on any skill level or the number of survivors assigned on the mission. Also there seems to be no danger involved. Therefore it is advisable to spread out survivors on scouting missions.

  • Kill Zombies — The survivor kills any zombies in the area, making it safer for other mission types. Also prevents accumulation(massing) of zombies in the area.
  • Scavenging — The survivor collects any resources that may be available in the area.
  • Recruiting — The survivor attempts to enlist anyone in the area to join the fort.
  • Reclaiming — The survivor fortifies the area, adding it as a secure location to your fort. Costs materials and requires area to be free of zombies (unless the survivor has the Fearless Reclaim perk). Also prevents accumulation of zombies.
  • Raiding — The survivor raids a location belonging to another faction, stealing some of their supplies, weakening them and lowering their respect to zero.
  • Attacking — The survivor attacks a location belonging to another faction, reverting the location to unclaimed and potentially killing some of their followers. Lowers respect to zero. If the area is adjacent to an area you have claimed, it becomes yours.
  • Trading — The survivor initiates a trade with another faction's caravan.
  • Meeting With — The survivor initiates talking with another faction to meet, increase respect through mission, or suggest an alliance.

Specific buildings[ | ]

  • Farming — The survivor increases the food output of a Farm inside your fort.(Farming on which farm doesn't matter.)
  • Time Off — The survivor will rest and gain happiness over time. Limited to housing, such as motel, apartment, etc.
  • Preaching/Bartending — The survivor gradually increases the happiness of the other denizens of your fort. Preaching requires a Church, while Bartending is restricted to Bars. Preaching can randomly grant the devout perk.(which, though varies on playing style, is usually positive.)
  • Hunting/Fishing — The survivor gradually produces food. Hunting occurs in Fields and Parks, while Fishing is restricted to large Parks (those with a lake pictured) or Rivers and Coastline.
  • Researching — The survivor advances your fort along the research tech tree, unlocking new capabilities. Requires a Lab.
  • Crafting — The survivor creates items or resources. Requires a Workshop and preequisitee research for some items.
  • Training — The survivor changes their primary skill and/or increases their rating in it. Requires a School.
  • Chopping Wood — The survivor creates materials. Restricted to Parks and the Woods that mark the end of town.
  • Quest — A mission that's part of a plotline.