Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville Wiki

Building materials is one of the five resources in Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville.

If you have 0 materials, you cannot reclaim a building or start a building mission (other than demolishing)

Materials are consumed when:

  • The player reclaims buildings (presumably it is used to build a protective walls around that building).
  • Turning one building type into another via a build mission.
  • Upgrading a building with watch towers(cost 1), bunkers(cost 3) or turrets(cost 5)
  • Choosing the "build a barricade" option when defending against zombie or enemy attacks. Consumes 3 materials and decreases danger.

Note: The leader perk Construction worker halves all the building cost. And yes, this can be used to produce endless materials by demolishing and building repeatedly.

Materials can be gained by:

  • Scavenging buildings. Additionally, a survivor with Hoarder perk can randomly find 10 extra materials when scavenging.
  • Chopping wood, either at the edge of a map or in a park. (Once every 4 days?)
  • Converting a building to rubble (via a building mission)
  • Trading with other factions.
  • Crafting zombie traps in a workshop.(5 materials for 2 traps)
  • Given by certain Factions when allied.