The Last Judgement Gang is a Catholic-Remnant cult that believe that their god sent the zombies as judgement and so forth. They constantly terrorize the main character and The Riffs, and can be taken out to induce an ending.

Note: The first time the gang invades they will only take food and, as far as tested, the next times, if you have a very good guard they won't be able to do anything at all. If you have a poor one, They can injure and kill your guards, so be aware of that.

In one event, an injured woman comes from their camp, and you may offer her food and listen to her story.

To be able to fight them, you will need to scout places and, in one of them, a event will trigger saying that the person scouting found a bunch of Thugs from the gang and you may follow them. You better do it, since it won't take anything from you and you will be able to fight them back in the future when the event appears.

Example Report : Edit

The Last Judgement Gang

We fought those ****ers off when they tried to raid us last night. One of them didn't have any weapon, he was just reading from his bible in a loud voice, something about retribution.

Last Judgement Gang Personality Edit

They are emotionless and have no fear of dying. As they say, the dead is sent by their god to punish the human civilization. As interviewing a woman who escaped the gang, she tells that the cult/gang uses women as their slaves. They have over powered weapons and gears, making it hard for anyone who tries to destroy or eliminate them from their existence. However they can be defeated if you have higher technology, gears and weapons against them, it is guaranteed 100% it will work if you do have high gears and weapon. In some reports they kidnap and assassinate survivors and other humans. After someone being kidnapped they can be never found even if you reclaim the whole city. They are harsh cold hearted humans.


Eliminating Last Judgement Gang Edit

You can fight the gang as an Ending though.

If you reclaim the Subway, eventually a event will trigger saying that you found a underground route to attack them and from now on the option to attack the gang will also appear on the Subway. It's safer to attack from there (Lower base risk).

This ending requires many good soldiers. It is opted to team up with the Riffs. This ending is dangerous because survivors can die in this battle (Unless the danger is 0%). There is no max limit of survivors you can send, but you shouldn't send too many soldiers because continuous Hordes will attack your base for the next 10 days. Maybe you could save up food and use your farmers to fight them back.

After destroying the cult a scene appears three soldiers in a gunfight against the cult then after that it will show the whole cult dead, as they are seen you also will discover their clothes, as seen their clothes are mostly Priest-Like clothes. The player will joined by 5 female survivors who were imprisoned at their camp.

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