The Laboratory is a building used to form research for the cure and different technologies against opponents.

Most buildings can be turned into them. This building is prone being attacked and overwhelmed by zombies making it easy to be destroyed.

Scientist are the laboratory users. In one laboratory can be done one research by one or more scientists.

Research TiersEdit

Tier 1Edit

  • Signaling - Increases chances of recruiting survivors.
  • Zombie Vitals - Zombies are easier to kill, activates repeating random event where some zombies in a random city block are killed by poison.
  • Preservation - More food gained by scavenging, removes random event where 50% of food is lost.

Tier 2Edit

  • Radio (Requires Signaling) - Causes 2 scientists to appear upon researching, activates repeating random event where scientists join the fort.
  • Stealth (requires Zombie Vitals) - Reduces risk level for scavenging missions and kill zombie missions far away from the fort walls.
  • Pesticides (requires Preservation) - Farms produce more food, deactivates repeating random event where no food is produced.

Tier 3Edit

  • Electricity (requires Radio) - Massive Happiness boost, removes repeating random event where 5 happiness is lost, allows power tools to be used to fix the helicopter (speed bonus for repairing the helicopter)
  • Anti-Venom (requires Stealth) - Massive bonus for fort defense and reduction in mission risks, removes repeating random event where a survivor dies after hiding a zombie bite. Also assists in Dr. Bryukhonenko's research.
  • Fertilizer (requires Pesticides) - All farms have a passive increase of +1 food production. Enhances the effect of food bonus random events.

Tier 4Edit

  • Cure for Zombieisim (Requires Dr. Bryukhonenko) - Prevents more zombies being created, zombies cannot form hordes, fortress is immune to being attacked by zombies.

WARNING: While researching the cure, endless zombie hordes will attempt to attack the lab where the cure is being researched.

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