Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville Wiki

Kill zombies is one of the few combat mission in Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville. The player can send one or more survivors to clear an unclaimed city grid of zombies. It also makes scavenging and other missions less dangerous on that building, and makes reclaiming missions possible.


  • Time: varied
  • Danger: varied, depends on:
    • Amount of zombies.
    • Distance to the nearest claimed block.
  • Benefits from:
    • Scouted blocks (reduces danger)
    • Amount of survivors (faster, reduces danger)
    • Total Defense skill (faster, reduces danger)
    • At least one survivor has a vehicle equipped (ignores danger from distance)


  • Remove all zombies from the grid. Thus prevents zombies from massing.
  • Reduce level of danger for subsequent mission on the grid.
  • Reduce frequency of horde activities.
  • Makes it possible to reclaim the grid.
  • Improve Defense skills.


  • If there are enough zombies in adjacent grids beside the fort, they might form a zombie unit, which can move and attack the fort.
  • Zombies will reappear in cleared grids a few days after it's been cleared.(Unless the grid is surrounded only by water bodies and forts) Since the progress of missions is saved, player can finish 99% percent of zombie killing mission first, then come back and finish the last 1% when needed.