Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville Wiki

Survivors heal faster in hospitals, either due to the placebo effect or because once in one you'll do anything to get out

When a survivor is injured, they automatically start a 3 day (can be augmented by perks) mandatory mission in a vacant hospital. They won't go to a hospital with survivors doing guard duty or other missions in it. If no hospital is available, they will start a 5 day (can be augmented by perks) mandatory mission in a building that provides living space. Once started, the "recovering from injury" mission cannot be edited or be changed location.

Additionally, having hospital (vacant or not) in the fort can help with some random events.

Hospitals seem to be related to abortion?


Natural Defense of 1


Construction research prerequisite needed

Build Sites[]

Can be built on the following:

Building Resources
8-12 mart 5
Allmart 5
Apartment 5
Bank 5
Bar 5
Big Farm 5
Bridge 5
Cafe 5
Church 5
City Hall 5
Clothing Store 5
Disused Farm TBD
Dojo 5
Drive-in 5
Farm 5
Field 5
Fire Department 5
Games Store 5
Graveyard 5
Grocery 5
Huge Farm 5
Huge Park 5
Laboratory 5
McNoodles 5
Motel 5
Office 5
Office Tower 5
Park 5
Parking Lot 5
Pawn Shop 5
Pig Farm 5
Police Station 5
Power Plant TBD
Radio Station 5
Restaurant 5
Rubble 10
School 5
Suburb 5
Suburbs 5
Subway TBD
Trailer Park 5
Warehouse 5
Water Treatment Plant TBD
Workshop 5
Xxor gas 5