The addition of a harsh winter was first released October 6th in 2012 as an update, exclusively available on mobile version.


No more constant food supply will be given from farms during the winter season,

Survivors may only gain food by scavenging, deer hunting at an unreclaimed field or in trade for some unused items with Gustav at a bank.

Surviving the whole season will trigger an ending named "spring time", as well as there is a selfish counterpart named "evil cannibals".

The winter season lasts exactly 100 days. As it gets towards the spring season, your base will be continuously attacked by zombie hordes.


Tips Edit

  • Since Farms won't produce ANY food during the winter season it will be better to choose an easier difficulty. The impossible difficulty will get very very hard to pass because of the morale which starts at 20% and a low amount of food at the beginning,
  • Scavenging is very important, it will get you calculable food supply with some items on top.
  • Don't recruit too many survivors to avoid a hunger crisis. 13 or even less are recommended.
  • If you won't to get turned into cannibalism it is recommended to reject the offer by a pair of Pig Farmers arriving that will try to sell you some alleged "pork meat". As result, you may get this ending once the winter season is over (although the game itself won't be over at that point).
  • You should assign some of your survivors to do 'Hunt for a Game' to get supply. If you have unused equipment you should sell it to Gustav in a Bank. You will get 5 food or more by trading it.
  • Be prepared for endless horde attacks arriving during the late winter season and be sure to have your survivors at a defense-level of 10. Either by training them at School, or by 'Hunt for a Game'.
  • DON'T RECLAIM THE FIELDS! If reclaimed, you won't be able to 'Hunt for a Game' on it.

And finally, if you take these advises, i ensure that you will pass the winter season with a good ending. That's all.

First day of Spring

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