Happiness is an emotion showed through the games. Happiness is measured in percents,.shown on the right beside of the emoji at the main screen.


The initial value is influenced by the selected difficulty level at the beginning.


If happiness stays for a longer time-span below 50 percent, events caused by low morale will trigger, leading to a further downfall of its value.

Effects of low morale may be food theft, strikes, murders, suicides, injuries from fights or survivors leaving your base.

Types of happiness Edit

There are two different types of happiness that can be gained:

  1. Happiness gained by having bars and churches. Each of those buildings gives a benefit of +5.
  2. Happiness influenced by the initial value, actions and events.

The essential difference is, that the happiness raised by buildings cannot be taken away by injuries, starvation, deaths or any other events as long as you hold them. This is important in the first part, where morale always tends to the base bottom without countermeasures.

Gaining happiness Edit

Rebuild 1 Edit

Apart from the rebuilding measures, it's possible to raise your happiness with your amassed food stocks.

Throwing a party will take 2 days, 50 food and two survivors who organize it. At any difficulty level. It will give +10 to morale with an additional +5 for each committed leader.

Rebuild 2 Edit

Scavenging often helps out, by randomly finding special goods like coffee or vine which gives a +5 to morale.

You may also slowly gain happiness by assigning a survivor as a bartender or a preacher. The efficiency depends on the survivor's leadership ability

Bartending / Preaching
Leadership 0 - 0.9 1.0 - 2.9 3.0 - 5.9 6.0 - 10.0
+1 morale per ... 4 days 3 days 2 days 1 day

... and of course, it's possible to gain it from all kinds of random events, like "The love caravan" for example.

Losing happiness Edit

You lose happiness from running out of food, injuries, one of your survivors dying, and certain events like "Illness strikes"