Gustav The Trader is an NPC that survives the Zombie Apocalypse along with the player's survivors. He usually trades many stuff with an exchange for food, or trading food for unused equipment in player's inventory. He doesn't reveal his full name throughout the course of the game, nor even if he is known to be part of player's survivors, or from another outpost around a different city. 

  • He offers repeatedly a traveling brothel known as the "Love Caravan" which brings questionable scenarios. If once accepted, he will ask you for a female survivor to join his love caravan in exchange for two rocket launchers in the late game.
  • He invites a "Food Gambler" to the fort which gives a 50/50 chance of winning or losing food. If you are successful in winning it 3 times (*1) the gambler won't come back anymore, but you additionally gain a cat called "Mooch" or "Neelie" that adds a 0.5 buff to all stats but attack.

(*1) Please consider, that the shown "+10 food" is a bug, it is screened in any way. Put yourself in a scenario where you can loose up to 50 food if you are playing it to receive the cat.

  • He offers food for unused equipment, or offers equipment if you have got nothing unused in stock. See "Weapons and items statistic" for more.
  • As a special event, he exchanges some broken electronics for a broken helicopter part, or the zombie cure. (Zombie cure is a fake, but Dr. Bryukhonenko gets an idea.)