Food is the main resource and currency-medium in the game. Each fellow survivor consumes one food per day.

Food amount

Food shortages are often the reason of losing the game. If you don't have enough food for daily requirement, the event "Starvation" will trigger from the first day.

Starvation is leading to fall of happiness and maybe deaths. It is necessary to intervene directly because if starvation happens frequently, additional problems will occur due to constant fall of happiness.

In the medium term, the most efficient ways to get food are :

Hint : You can take 2 food out of hopeless "scavenging for scraps"-missions in an unreclaimed square as long as there is still an item left to recover. There is a higher chance you may get a one-time boost of +5 happiness by finding a hidden vine cellar (for example) as well.

You can get food in a lot of other ways, including :

  • Reclaiming buildings with food still on it (you will only get the half of it)
  • Having committed farmers.
  • Events like "Good Season" or "fertilizer bonus" after the required food researches at the lab.
  • Donations in a random event, either by new survivors/a dog named "London" arriving or as an act of charity (instead of new survivors arriving at its place).
  • The gambler, if you are lucky.

You will lose food by:

  • Survivors eating
  • The random event "Farm Blight" before researching "preservation".
  • Being beaten up by the last judgement gang.
  • Food theft by your own survivors if you are low on happiness.
  • Gustav's Love Caravan (Only if you decide to use it)
  • In scripted events by parties or dia de los muertas (pertaining to the church, not recommended)

Cannibalism (Rebuild Mobile only) Edit

Evil cannibals

There is a secret ending named "evil cannibals" which can only get triggered by food shortage.

It's only available on Mobile versions with update included, during the harsh winter season..Whether this ending is a good or bad one, is a view thing. In any case, it provides a cut-scene and an additional point score once the winter is over.