A Farm is one of the four available squares at the beginning of the game. Farms belong to the most important locations, as it is the only way for having a constant food supply.

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Rebuild 2 Edit

A farm usually produces either 2 or 3 food per day at the beginning, depending on the selected difficulty. During the game the food production will get influenced by the researches at the lab.

Food researches Edit

  • Food preservation won't let you produce more, but your yield from scavenging will get better, it also prevents farm blight and stored food from rotting.
  • Tending crops produces an additional food, or two additional once that pesticide has been researched. At any difficulty level. It slowly increases the survivor's scavenging skill by +0.1 per day.
  • You will get one extra food per farm by researching fertilizer. A fertilizer bonus (+1 food for each survivor) will randomly happen as a scripted event.

"That fertilizer we developed is really working its magic in our farms. Second helpings for turnip stew for everybody!"

Food production per day
Difficulty level without farmer with farmer Farmer + pesticides Fertilizer Farmer+ fertilizer
pretty easy, kind of tough, challenging 3 4 5 4 6
seriously hard, impossible 2 3 4 3 5

- Unclaimed farms tend to have lots of food for scavenging and some alcohol which boosts +5 to moral. It is very rare for a farm to have no food at all. They often accommodate survivors as well

- Farms can only be converted into suburbs, the committed builder(s) don't need to be experienced to do the works.

- The scripted survivor Bob Bila can be found at a farm / big farm after reclaiming the Heliport

Rebuild 1 Edit

Farms produce between 4 and 6 food per day, depending on the selected difficulty. They give an additional 2 food per square after researching "fertilizer" at any level, the highest obtainable food research. Scripted events in relate to the harvest are influenced by the food researches at the lab.

Food production per day
Difficulty Easy Normal Hard Harder Nightmare
no research 6 6 5 4 4
with fertilizer 8 8 7 6 6


Rebuild : Farms produce [ ] food every day. We take turns plowing, planting and harvesting.

Rebuild 2 : Farms produce [ ]  food every day. If we assign someone to work here full time, it will produce an extra +1 food (even if it's actually +2 after researching pesticide).

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