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Dr.Bryukhonenko Skillsheet

Dr. Bryukhonenko's skill sheet and Full Body Image


Dr. Bryukhonenko is a Russo-Canadian scientist who survived the initial stages of the zombie apocalypse.

Eccentric, obsessive, and a workaholic, these were some of the nicest words ever said about him. Nevertheless, he will stop at nothing to find the cure for the zombie plague.

He will only appear if the fort has a lab in it.

If you turn him away, he will throw a science book over the wall, then after a couple of days he will sabotage your city by bombing it, then he will not return unless you go to a new city.

Secret Research Edit

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As soon as you let him in, he will take over a random lab in the fort, and begin a mission with an infinite timespan. As the game progresses, and you perform your own research (in a different lab, of course), his research will progress faster. But, even if no research is performed, he will ask for one of your scientists to join him as an "assistant". If you refuse, he will continue to ask on a weekly basis until you grant his request.

Later on, an explosion will occur at the lab he has taken over, and a scouting mission must be performed. You will find that he and the scientist you sent him will be dead, and the lab will be overrun with zombies. Your scouting team will locate the doctor's research notes (it is not necessary to kill the zombies to gain the notes).

Once the notes have been translated, you can begin research on the cure for the zombie plague.

(Note: Causes endless hordes until research completion).


Main article: Saboteur

Turning him away may cause problems. He will sabotage you as soon as he gets the opportunity. 

Sergei Brukhonenko Edit

Dr. Bryukhonenko is a reference to Sergei Brukhonenko, a Soviet-era scientist who developed the autojektor, a forerunner of heart and lung machines; and was vital to the development of open-heart surgeries in Russia.

In the game, an allusion on Dr. Sergei Brukhonenkos highly disgusting educational movie becomes clear if you let him (Dr. Bryukhonenko) use a dead dog for test-purposes. After using the dog in an operation, he shows the sad remains of the animal to the inhabitants of the city.

"What that monster did to (Dog's Name) was beyond words. He brought her back to life somehow, like a zombie except. . . just her head. I think i'm going to be sick again." (-10 happiness)

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