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Rebuild 2 Edit

In the sequel, dogs are equipable animals. They can be found while scavenging at any place.

There are three different types of euippable dogs:

Dog 12
Rottweiler +2 offense
White one +1 Leadership, +1 offense
Small dog
Pug +0.5 scavenging, +0.5 offense

You will receive the last one while choosing a dog at the charakter selection.

Equipable dogs will sacrifice themselves during a mission, to save your survivor from death, only injuring them. Afterwards, either the dog appears a few days later again, or he will be gone forever.

Experiment Edit

Main article: Dr. Bryukhonenko

It is helpful to reach the cure ending if you equip a rather weak survivor with any of the thee dogs and send them alone on a kill-mission in which the both are overtaxed in order to provoke a sacrifice as described above.

Wild Dogs Edit

Wild dogs appear as a scripted event during the beginning of a new day. Either they attack your survivors or may join them. If they join, they bring some food (+3) with them.

  • Wild dogs generally do nothing on lower difficulties yet become progressively more lethal with harder difficulties.*
  • There's a event that can Trigger on Rebuild for Mobile Version that, while in the winter, a dog enters your granary and one of your soldiers kills him. You can select to either do nothing or take him as food. As far as tested, the second option don't take Zombieism to your base nor kill people, it only gives you a small amount of food for free.

* presumably this depends as well on how on much food can be still be found beyond the fort.

Rebuild 1Edit

In the first part, they only appear on scripted events during the beginning of a new day. They can't be directed nor they are shown on a picture.

If they join the survivors, they raise the general happiness for +5, nevertheless in the medium term this bonus will be taken again. Another scripted event will appear where it is reported that either they have left or that they were killed during a kill-mission.