City Hall was once a building for administration and government within the city. Like most important buildings in the game, it has been overrun by zombies after the spread of Dutch Flu.

Overview Edit

The City Hall is a place where you can win the game by drafting a constitution.

It's always overrun by zombies.

City Hall

If you will start drafting a constitution, endless zombie hordes will try to stop you from achieving victory.

You can speed up the progress, by adding some leaders to help others.

After the constitution is completed you win the game, and you can send 5 survivors to reclaim another city. This can be useful, because you can train them up to lvl 10 all stats, and give them good items, to have an head start.


By sending a strong survivor group mostly high level offense skill, could retake the City hall without losses for 10 days. During this period, zombie hordes often to appear across the map, trying to prevent the survivors from establishing a government within the city.

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