Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville Wiki

The main story mode of the game. You'll follow one survivor through a dozen cities that get progressively bigger and harder. Don't attack the Factions you wish to do quest lines with.

City Difficulty Size Factions Rivers Coastline Notes
Snoqualmie Easy Small 0 No No Good for building your main character and the dream team and train them to Level 10 on the skills. Note that all characters can use all the skills, not just MC. For normal characters skills from "inactive" classes keep functioning, their only difference from MC (in terms of skills) is that they need to switch classes at school to train another skill, but other than being able to train it, there is no difference between using a skill from an active class and an inactive one.
Wenatchee Normal Typical 2 Yes No Leader Perk event, works with The Luddies and St.Michael's to obtain the Agbayani research
Moses Lake Normal Typical 2 No Yes Leader Perk event

Gangs of Deadsville Questline: Your team got caught in the gang war between The Riffs and The Last Judgement

Spokane Normal Big 3 Yes No Leader Perk event. The Rottens needs help about one Faction member named Chuck being kidnapped by the Government. If you helps the Rottens, Chuck will ask to join your fort. He has a rare book which +4 Engineering. Condemn their actions to give Chuck +20 happiness.
Trail Normal Small 1 No No Has a biplane. Found the Pig Farmers for the first time. Will have a random event which will increase the danger of zombies. Better capture the building, build the town hall, and leave this town as fast as possible.
Nelson Challenging Big 4 No Yes Leader Perk event. Has the Church of the Chosen One. Upon discovering this faction, one of your survivors will become a cultist. If you have a high respect with The DAHLIAS, they might help remove a cultist perk from one survivor via a random event.

Ice Cream Truck Questline: The team see a mystrious Ice Cream truck in this town which may kidnaps some survivors. Try asking the other factions, they might have some clues about the truck. Also uncover the secrets behind the Pig Farmers' meat.

Castlegar Challenging Typical 3 Yes No Antivenom can be researched in this city. There are unusual amount of McNoodles and graveyards in Castlegar. Some survivors also see smart zombies which can use tools. Maybe Jesse and the Rotten might know something about this? Gustav's caravan will be defeated early in the game. You can only trade with other factions.
Pentiction Challenging Big 4 Yes Yes Has a biplane. The European data dump can be obtained in this city. Antivenom can be researched in this city. The 1337crews heard that the Govenment has access to the Internet, and they would like us to help them gain an access to it. Has the Church of the Chosen Ones.
Kelowna Challenging Big 4 No Yes Leader Perk event, Antivenom can be researched in this city

Mason Moon Questline: Found Mason, Diane's son, in this city, staying with The Last Judgement.

Hope Challenging Typical 2 No No Start this city with a Town Hall. Contains a main base of the Chosen One. There is a mission which requires half of your survivors to become cultists, but don't worry, there will be a random event where The Chosen One sacrifices themself to the zombies, self-destroying their faction. All of your cultists survivors will become terrfied and have the cultists perks removed.
Chilliwack Hard Big 4 Yes No Leader Perk event

Return to New York Questline: Helps the Riffs do some preparations for them to go back to New York. If you help them, they will give you some rewards.

Abbotsford Hard Huge 5 Yes No Cure studied in this city.
Vancouver Hard Huge 8 Yes Yes Everything falls apart. One faction acts strange when we trade the cure with them. The Monkey Blood sidequest must be completed before this for alternate ending. You can read wiki and go back to finish it.