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Objective Locations Edit

City Hall
City Hall

Required for the ending "Draft a constitution "

Description: Once the center of government for [city name], and may yet be again if we can get our act together.

Evil Graveyard
Big Graveyard2

Needed for the ending "Destroy the evil portal "

Description: Once the source of the terrifying zombie hordes that plagued us, the evil portal has been closed.

Regular buildings Edit

All Mart

Main article: All Mart

Description : If we board up all the exits, cover the windows, this Allmart would be quite the defensive fortress.

Secured: The Allmart is secured against Zombie attacks. It adds a bonus of 25 to our defense.


Main article: Apartment

Adds spaces for survivors to live in, depending on difficulty level. Can be replaced with a school.

Easy Normal Hard Harder Nightmare
14 12 10 8 8

Description: This apartment provides 14 houses for our survivors to live in.


Main article: Bar

Adds +5% base happiness, can throw a party to raise happiness by 10-20% (depending on number of leaders assigned)

Description: These days some people turn to religion and others to drinking, but either way it makes them happier

Big Farm
Big farm

Main article: Big Farm

Produces the double amount of food compared with a usual farm.

easy normal hard harder nightmare
no research 12 12 10 8 8
with fertilizer 16 16 14 12

Description: Big farms produce 16 food per day of boring but efficient crops like turnips, potatoes, and squash.


Main article: Church

Adds +5% base happiness, can throw a party to raise happiness by 10-20% (depending on number of leaders assigned)

Description: These days some people turn to religion and others to drinking, but either way it makes them happier


Main article: Farm

Farms produce food, depending on difficulty level and science research. Farms can be converted into suburbs.

Easy Normal Hard Harder Nightmare
no research 6 6 5 4 4
with fertilizer 8 8 7 6

Description: Farms produce 8 food every day. We take turns plowing, planting and harvesting.


Main article: Laboratory

Required for the ending "Research for the cure"

Description: Our scientists need labs like this one to research and build useful things.


Main article: Mall

Can be converted into a secure mall.

Description: People just don't shop like they used to so we don't have much use for a mall here, but it might make a good defense post.

Adds +25 defense, if secured

Description: Secure malls add a defensive bonus of 25, just like in the movies.

Police Station
Police station-0

Main article: Police Station

Adds 25 defense to your fort. You can select survivors to guard here. Assign people to guard the fort from zombies and other attacks.

Description: Police stations add 25 defense to your fort, and where soldiers do guard duty.


Main article: School

The school is used for changing a survivors specialization to leader, scavenger, builder, soldier, or scientist. You can train up to 3 survivors at once. It takes 3 days to finish training.

Description: People can train here to change their specialization. It takes all kinds of people to keep this fort going.

Screenshot 11

Main article: Suburb

Houses numerous survivors, depending on difficulty level. Suburbs can be rebuilt into a farm.

Easy Normal Hard Harder Nightmare
9 8 7 6 6

Description: Ah, suburbia, where your biggest worry was the quality of your lawn. Nice homes for 9 of our survivors to live in.

Trailer park

Main article: Trailer Park

Equivalent to suburb.

Description: It's not pretty, but it's home. Up to 9 people can live here.

Useless buildings Edit

Can be converted to suburbs/farm Edit

  • Park. Description: In just a year the parks have gotten pretty overgrown, so I guess the dirt is fertile enough to try building a farm.
  • Rubble. Description: Just some building destroyed by zombies or the ensuing panic. Since it's mostly cleaned already we might try to farm here.
  • Parking lot. Description: A conviently flat piece of urban real estate. Maybe we could convert this place to a farm.

Can be converted to a bar/laboratory Edit

  • 8-12 mart. Description: The 8-12 doesn't do anything these days but smell like stale twinkies.
  • XXOR Gas. Description: We've used up all the gas here so it isn't useful anymore, but we could turn it into a decent lab.

Can be converted to apartments/school Edit

  • Office. Description: No more computers, no more paperwork, no more bureaucracy. Offices are relics of a bygone era.
  • Motel. Description: Not good for much, but with a little work we could turn this motel into apartments for people to live in.

Can be converted to a church/hospital Edit

  • McNoodles. Description: A sad reminder that the days of fast food are long gone.
  • Warehouse. Description: Just useless empty storage space.

Can't be converted. Edit

  • Graveyard. Description: We don't like to go near this place. It's good for nothing, not even burying our dead. Best to just leave it alone.