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Objective LocationsEdit

City Hall Edit

Main article: City Hall
City Hall

Needed for the "Draft a Constitution" Ending

If you reclaim this building and you have got a certain number of squares (the amount depends on the map size) you can write a constitution to win the game. Apart from this, it has got no real use.

Description: "Once the center of government for [city name], and may yet be again if we can get our act together."

Heliport Edit

Main article: Heliport

Needed for the "Escape the City" Ending

Description : "Someone blew our helicopter! We're going to need tools, builders and the right parts to fix it." (fixed) "Time to fly away!"

Laboratory Edit

Main article: Laboratory
Needed for "Find the cure" Ending

After all researches have been made, it turns useless. It can't be converted into another building.

Description : "Our scientists need labs like this one to research and build useful things."

Subway Edit

Main article: Subway

They appear twice on the map. They are each other. If you scout one, you automatically scout the other one. If you reclaim one, you can choose to reclaim the other for free.

Boosts "Defeat the Last Judgement Gang"s Ending, but isn't requisite.

Description: "If we can clear the undead out we could use these tunnel to get around the city safely."

Big graveyard Edit

Main article: Graveyard
Big Graveyard2

Boosts the bad Ending "Embrace Zombieism". Apart from this, it's a useless field.

Description : "A creepy big graveyard, which we've decided to make part of our fort. Sure that was a good idea?"

Structural Buildings Edit

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MAIN ARTICLE Use Convertible to ... Description
Allmart Store
All Mart
Adds 15 defense and can be used to assign survivors on guard duty. Fortified Allmart If we board up all the exits, cover the windows, this Allmart would be quite the defensive fortress.
Adds 2 spaces for survivors to live in, or 3 on "pretty easy" Church, Hospital, School, Laboratory

This apartment provides 2 houses for our survivors to live in.

Gives +5 happiness as soon as reclaimed, adds continuous happiness if maintained by a bartender. Apartment, Hospital, School, Laboratory Some people turn to religion and others to drinking, but either way it makes them happier.
Big Farm
Big farm
Usual farm +3 extra food, after researching fertilizer+4 (easy) no Big Farms produce [ ] food every day of boring but efficient crops like turnips, potatoes, and squash.


Gives +5 happiness as soon as reclaimed and adds continuous happiness if maintained by a - usual - priest. Apartment, Hospital, School, Laboratory Some people turn to religion and others to drinking, but either way makes them happier.
The usual production from a farm differs, depending on difficulty level and scientific progress. See main article for further information. Suburbs Farms produce 2 food every day. If we assign someone to work here full time, it will produce an extra +1 food.


The only place to heal in case of a disease random event. Survivors heal quicker here if they're injured from previous missions or zombie attacks. Apartment, Bar, School, Laboratory This hospital can save people from disease and death. We don't need a dedicated doctor; just having space and the supplies here is enough.
Can be for fortified to give 15 defense and can be used to assign survivors as guards. Fortified Mall People just don't shop like they used to, so we don't have much use for a mall here, but it might make a good defense post.
Equivalent to Apartment Church, Hospital, School, Laboratory The beds are filthy but it's better than nothing. Up to [2-4] people can live here.

Police Station

Adds 15 defense to your fort. You can select survivors to guard here. no Police stations add 15 defense to the fort, and are where soldiers do guard duty.


Most efficient place to increase a survivor's skill. You can train 3 survivors at once. It takes 2 days to finish training. no

People can train here to increase their skill. It takes all kind of people to keep this fort going.

Screenshot 11
Usually houses 2 survivors. It houses 3 on "pretty easy", the lowest difficulty level. Farm Ah, suburbia, where your biggest worry was the quality of your lawn. Nice homes for 2 of our survivors to live in.
Trailer Park
Equivalent to Suburbs Farm It's not pretty, but it's home. Up to 2 people can live here.

Useless BuildingsEdit

They haven`t got any use, you can only turn them into another building.

Rebuild2 title
Building Convertible to ... Description
812 market
8-12 Mart Apartment, Bar, Hospital, School, Laboratory The 8-12 doesn't do anything these day's but smell like stale twinkies
Drive-In Suburbs, Farm Looks like they were showing Dawn of the Dead ...
Field Suburbs, Farm.If you dont reclaim it then you can use it to hunt animals.

Very useful in winter

A boring hill with boring trees. Let's build a subdivision here
Graveyard nothing * We don´t like to go near this place. It´s good for nothing, not even for burying our deaths.
Grocery Apartment, Bar, Hospital, School, Laboratory We scraped every bit of food out here.There's nothing left
Mc Noodles
Mc Noodles Apartment, Church, Hospital, School, Laboratory A sad reminder that the days of fast food are gone.
Office Apartment, Church, Hospital, School, Laboratory No more computer's,no more paperwork,no more bureaucracy.Offices are relics of bygone era
Park Suburbs, Farm This park has gotten pretty overgrown,so i guess the dirt is fertile enough to try building a farm.
Parking lot
Parking Lot Suburbs, Farm A conveniently flat piece of urban.Maybe we could convert this place to a farm.
Pawn Store
Pawn Store Apartment, Church, Hospital, School, Laboratory The place is used to sell weapons before, now there's nothing left (no description on browser versions).
Rubble Suburbs, Farm Just some building destroyed by zombies or the ensuing panic. Since it's mostly cleared we might try to farm here.
Warehouse Apartment, Bar, Hospital, School, Laboratory Just useless empty storage space.
XXOR Gas Apartment, Bar, Hospital, School, Laboratory We've used up all the gas here so it isn't useful anymore, but we could turn it into a decent lab.

* The graveyard cannot be changed by usual survivors. But members from the chosen ones will convert it into a church, if they get some influence.

Mobile onlyEdit

Building Description
Bank This building is useful for trading with Gustav like equipment and food. Reclaiming this building will add +15 defense. It cannot be replaced. It can also be used if you do the cabin in the woods ending for escape.
Field The only place you can hunt for food during the winter. It is very important not to get this block if you are still working with outer building. Convertible to a farm, suburb and tower.