Apartments are buildings that provide homes for your fellow survivors to live in.

In Rebuild 2, an Apartment is one of your four starting buildings.

Use Edit

In both parts, an apartment provides a constant number of spaces for survivors to your base, which only depends on the selected difficulty at the beginning.

Rebuild Easy Normal Hard Harder Nightmare
14 12 10 8 8
Rebuild 2 pretty easy, kind of tough, challenging seriously hard, impossible
3 living space 2 living space

Survivors are able to recover from minor sicknesses and wounds in an apartment in case that the available hospitals are already in use. The rest will take a day longer, and more serious injuries cannot be recovered here.

No active abilities that can be done from apartments.

Building Description Edit

Rebuild - "This apartment provides [8 to 14] houses for our survivors to live in."

Rebuild 2 - "Adds [2 or 3] spaces for survivors to live in."

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