All Mart is an abandoned grocery store ever since the zombie apocalypse started. It takes up two squares, which makes it harder to defend.

The building often contains food supplies and/or Items, but usually less items than in a Mall.
All Mart

Use Edit

All Mart can be used as an additional defense. When you put up defenses on it, it neutralizes the danger of 15 surrounding zombies. Or 25 in the first part.

After fortifying you can use it as any other defensive building.


Building Description: Edit

Unfortified :- "If we board up all the exits, cover the windows, this Allmart would be quite the defensive fortress."

Fortified : - "This Allmart is well secured against zombie attacks. It adds a bonus of 15 to our defense."

Replacement Edit

An All Mart can only be fortified, it cannot be replaced by any other type of building.

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