Die Felder an sich haben nach ihrer Eroberung zwar keinen Nutzen, doch sie können umgebaut werden. Dieser Vorgang nimmt, je nach Erfahrung der Bauarbeiter, 2 bis 6 Tage in Anspruch.

mögliche Umbauten
8-12 Mart Apartment, Bar, Hospital, School, Laboratory
Grocery Apartment, Bar, Hospital, School, Laboratory
XXOR Gas Apartment, Bar, Hospital, School, Laboratory
Warehouse Apartment, Bar, Hospital, School, Laboratory
Drive-In Suburbs, Farm
Field Suburbs, Farm
Parking Lot Suburbs, Farm
Park Suburbs, Farm
Rubble ?
McNoodles ?
Office ?
Pawn Store Apartment, Church, Hospital, School, Laboratory
Graveyard Nichts

Einzige Ausnahme zu Graveyard: In ihrer Aufbauphase wandelt die "Church of the Chosen Ones" ein Feld in eine Kirche um. Vorzugsweise einen normalgroßen Friedhof.

Beschreibung Bearbeiten

8-12 Mart erobern "The old 8-12 isn't keeping store hours anymore. We misewell build something useful here. I could use a drink - how bout a bar?"

halten "The 8-12 doesn't do anything these days but smell like stale twinkies."

Drive-In halten "Looks like they were showing Dawn of the Dead ..."

XXOR Gas halten"We've used up all the gas here so it isn't useful anymore, but we could turn it into a decent lab."


halten "A boring hill with boring trees. Let's build a subdivision here."


besitz "We don't like to go near this place. It's good for nothing, not even for burying our dead."


"We've scraped every bit of food out of here, there's nothing left"

Park - "This park has gotten pretty overgrown, so i guess the dirt is fertile enough t try building a farm."

Parking Lot

"A conviently flat piece of urban real estate. Maybe we could convert this place to a farm."

Warehouse - erobern "..."

halten "..."

McNoodles - erobern "..."

halten "..."

Pawn Store - "..."


Rubble - "..."