Diese Endung steht exclusiv in der Mobile-Version von "Rebuild", also der Mobile- Umsetzung von Rebuild 2 zur Verfügung. Auch die in den Lösungsvorschlägen genannte Bank findet man nicht in der Browserspielvariante.

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Quelle : Englischsprachige Wikia


  • When prompted to go search for your Uncle's cabin say yes.
  • Gather/steal all the items as prompted.
  • Reclaim a bank. Store stolen food in bank several times.
  • Send the suspicious people and the blackmailers to their dooms in dangerous missions.
  • When prompted start the diversion.
  • The fort must survive the diversion."


Quelle : Komplettlösung auf einem Blog von Thomas Kejser, 2011

" Runaway to the Cabin: Stash enough loot away in your uncle’s cabin and retreat there. To win like this, you first have to accept looking for the cabin. After this, hide away all loot when given the opportunity. Also, you will need to have conquered a bank and use that to stash away stolen food. When you get caught by another citizen, you will have to get that citizen killed the first time. Just send them into a zombie infested square alone. The second time you are caught, you should have enough food to bribe the person. "